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Monday 12th June 2023

Take charge of your digestive health in just 6 weeks

Are you struggling with your digestive health?

Are you wondering why you feel so tired and are lacking the energy you desire?

Are you having trouble deciding what to eat, because you are worried about triggering symptoms?

Transforming your gut health is often the answer to these common questions and you can learn to rebalance your gut health in just 6 weeks with my Gut Transformation Program.


You will be able to use your newly found knowledge to transform your digestive health for the long term.  Don’t put your life on hold any longer, instead learn to tackle the root cause of your troubles so you can live the life you deserve.


If you want to make the change but don’t know where to start or just need some help and support to keep you motivated, following this six-week programme is your answer: This gut transformation programme will ensure that you get back on track and provides you with support and guidance along the way.

This six-week programme is designed for people like you, who are struggling with gut issues and who want to get more energy and regain confidence and freedom around food.

Fruits and Nuts Yogurt

Work with me

We will work together to restore your digestive health and you will be armed with tools that will continue to provide results long after your program ends, so not only do you achieve great results, but you also learn how to maintain them!

You're not alone if you've felt;

You are restricting your diet more and more, but your symptoms just won’t go away

You have tried everything under the sun, from colonics to hypnotherapy, but you are still feeling unwell

You’re ready to throw in the towel and you’re fed up with wasting money on supplements and ‘wonder’ diets in a bid to improve your symptoms

My gut transformation programme will transform your digestion, turning it from a source of discomfort to a source of power, vitality and energy.

I'm Sarah Cox, I specialise in gut health including IBS. 

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I drastically reduced my diet in a bid to discover the foods that triggered my discomfort, but my symptoms persisted. After ruling out any major diseases, doctors diagnosed me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), but I soon learned that this was just an ‘umbrella’ term used to describe a group of symptoms rather than a useful diagnosis that could direct me to a cure.

I then began to do my own research in order to understand the underlying cause of my symptoms and discovered the key – Gut Health! After undertaking functional testing and making simple nutritional and lifestyle changes, I began to regain control of my health, my diet, and my life! It was then that I decided that I wanted to help others suffering with stomach pain, bloating, food intolerances and other digestive issues to live the life they deserve, without pain and discomfort. 

Gut health has so many benefits and is so often overlooked. You are what you eat and with good gut health comes a happier body, healthier skin, a stronger immune system and improved mood.

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With my 6 week Gut Transformation Package,
you receive:


A 6-week live programme, run through a private Facebook group to keep you on track and motivated




The support of an online community - because it can be tough doing it alone


Because knowing ‘why?’ these changes work and ‘how?’ to change your habits, makes these changes stick for the long-term.


I can offer tried and tested strategies that solve many of the day-to-day problems that may become reasons to give up.


Simply put, this provides many of the benefits without the price tag of 1-2-1 sessions.


Includes: Recipe pack, Meal and snack ideas, Meal planner, Food lists and a DIY instruction manual showing you how to make your own nourishing fermented foods




Lifestyle support to help you turn this six-week course into a positive habit for life




Knowing what to take and when requires thoughtful guidance from an expert.

If you are ready to make a positive change, click here to get started

Course Content:
The 6 R’s Approach

This simple, nourishing diet allows your gut time to heal and restore optimal function. We will also be learning about harmful micro-organisms which may be living in your gut and causing your digestive symptoms and finding out how the supplements in the pack can help to reduce these.

Image by Katherine Sousa
Image by pariwat pannium

Sometimes the body doesn’t produce enough enzymes which can hamper the digestive process, setting off a vicious cycle of digestive discomfort. You will learn how supporting your body with gentle plant-based enzymes can enable the process of digestion to happen more effectively. We will also be looking at diet and lifestyle factors which encourage your body’s own production of digestive enzymes.

During week 3 we will focus on nourishing your immensely important population of intestinal microbes. We will be learning how making dietary changes, increasing the variety of beneficial prebiotic fibres, and introducing fermented foods and specific pro-biotic supplements, will help restore and balance these beneficial bacteria.

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Image by Daily Nouri

During week 4 we will be providing your digestive tract with healing supplements and through diet, key nutrients, to support the integrity of your gut wall.

We will also be learning about how stress can negatively impact your digestive system and how to reduce stress with simple lifestyle changes.

Image by Jake Melara
Healthy Woman

We will be talking about your next steps, and how to continue your health and wellbeing journey.

Let's get started!


Book your space on the Gut Transformation programme today!


  • How much time do I have to commit as I am very busy with work and family life?
    The meal plans and recipes are designed to be easy and will fit into a busy schedule. You will be learning how to plan and shop in the days leading up to the start date, so you will have the opportunity to get ready. There are also lots of recipes that can be made in large quantities, and I will be on hand to help and inspire.
  • What if I miss a day?
    The programme is designed to help take the pressure off your digestive system so that you can heal and rebalance. The more closely you can follow the programme the more you will get from it, but, if there is a big event and you just need to go with it, that’s OK, you can get back to the programme on the following day.
  • Will I be hungry?
    No! The recipes use real food that will keep you full. There is no limit to how much you can eat, we will just be taking out things that can irritate your gut lining.
  • What if I eat something I am not supposed to?
    You can learn from it and move on. I will be there to help you if you are confused or stuck, and the programme won’t be ruined by eating one or two things that aren’t on the list.
  • I have tried diets before and they didn’t work, how is this programme different?
    This programme is not a fad diet. It is a comprehensive gut health programme that focuses on healing and rebalancing your digestive system, so it is then able to function properly.
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